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Global Carbon Budget

Illustrative Photos (available free for Carbon Budget editorials if credited as specified).
Click the link under an image to view a larger version.

Forest Industrial pollution
Mountain Ash and Tree Ferns, Black Spur.
Credit: Robert Kerton
(1329 x 896, jpg 1mb)
Industrial pollution.
Credit: ©Martin Muránsky |
(2040 x 1360, jpg 1mb)
Ocean Waves Coal mine
Ocean Waves
Credit: © irabel8 |
(1495 x 996, jpg1.1 mb)
Coal mine
Credit: © Roberto castillo |
(1750 x 893, jpg 845 kb)
Deforestation in the Amazon Blue sky
Deforestation in the Amazon
Credits: ©
(1000 x 674 jpg 870kb)
Blue sky and clouds
Credit: © Gyorgy |
(1000 x 667, jpg 316kb)

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