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Methane Budget

Illustrative photos (available if credited as specified).
Click the link under an image to view a larger version.

bush fire gas valve
Eucalyptus trees burning in s forest fire
Credit: © Stephanie Swartz |
(1000 x 667, jpg 1.593kb)
Gas and fuel, oil pipe with valve and distributor
Credit: © Stanimir Ivanov |
(1000 x 667, jpg 403kb)
Landfill site volcano
Overview of refuse collection with bulldozer
Credit: © Picsfive |
(1000 x 665, jpg 395kb)
Arenal volcano in Costa Rica with a plume of smoke.
Credit: © Tony Northrup |
(1000 x 667, jpg 196kb)

termite mound

Blue ocean and surf with waves on bright, sunny day
Credit: © Gerry Boughan |
(1000 x 667, jpg 356kb)
Massive cathedral termite mounds (Nasutitermes triodae), Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
Credit: © Nico Smit |
(1000 x 667, jpg 502kb)
wetlands atmoshpere/sky
Botswana, Okavango Delta, the world's largest inland delta
Credit: © Anacoimbra |
(1000 x 667, jpg 356kb)
Blue sky and clouds
Credit: © Gyorgy |
(1000 x 667, jpg 316kb)
river rapids forest
Rapids in Lake Tahoe CA
Credit: © Moises Serrato |
(1000 x 667, jpg 713kb)
Trees in a forest
Credit: © Grecu Mihail Alin |
(1000 x 662, jpg 1.3mb)
deforestation forest
Destructed forest. Reserve of water, Corsica, France, 2012
Credit: © Bimka1 |
(1000 x 667, jpg 955kb)
Ferns and trees in tropical jungle rain forest
Credit: © Les Cunliffe |
(1000 x 667, jpg 1mb)
cows rice field
A herd of brown cows
Credit: © Marbury67 |
(1000 x 702, jpg 578kb)
Rice field in Vietnam
Credit: © Ittipon |
(1000 x 667, jpg 935kb)
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