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Bioenergy and
Earth System Sustainability Meeting

A workshop of the Earth System Science Partnership (Diversitas, IGBP, IHDP, WCRP)
19-22 July 2008, Piracicaba, Brazil

Presently, the global demand for bioenergy is driven by demand for “traditional bioenergy” in rural communities of developing countries, which accounts for 10 percent of global primary energy. More recently, the demand for “new”, highly standardized biomass for energy is rising rapidly posing a new set of opportunities and challenges to Earth system sustainability.
The are different perspectives through which bioenergy is viewed:

  • Energy security.
  • Livelihood security and rural development.
  • Environmental.
  • Innovation and new business opportunities.
Each of these opportunities comes with a range of challenges. The goals of the workshop were to identify the major opportunities and constraints for bioenergy in the context of Earth system sustainability.

Meeting Material:
group photo

Pep Canadell Carbon implications of different biofuel pathways ppt (6.8Mb)
Edgar de Beauclair & Raffaella Rossetto Overview of the sugar and ethanol industries in Brazil ppt (7.8Mb)
André Faaij Technologies (and their role for sustainable bioenergy) ppt (2.8Mb)
Günther Fischer Bioenergy and Earth Sustainability: Session on Scenarios: Ideas for integrating pdf (6.3Mb)
Stephen Karekezi, Waeni Kithyoma
  and Ken Muzee
Analysis and Challenges of the African Energy Sector and Potential for Sustainable Bio-Energy Options ppt (1.2Mb)
Gernot Klepper Biofuels Trade and Certification -pdf version pdf (1.2Mb)
  Biofuels Trade and Certification -powerpoint version (pt 1) ppt (1.8Mb)
  Biofuels Trade and Certification -powerpoint version (pt 2) ppt (6.5Mb)
Hermann Lotze-Campen Impacts of rising food and bioenergydemand on land and water use pdf (1.2Mb)
I C Macedo GHG emissions in the production and use of ethanol from sugarcane ppt (622Kb)
Stefan Majer, Franziska Müller-Langer, Katja Schreiber European Biofuel market pdf (3.2Mb)
Luiz A Martinelli, Reynaldo L Victoria, Janaina Braga do Carmo and Jean Pierre Ometto Nitrogen dynamics and sugar cane in Brazil ppt (4.3Mb)
J. Melillo, A. Gurgel, D. Kicklighter, J. Reilly, T. Cronin, S. Paltsev, B. Felzer, A. Sokolov and X. Wang A Global-Scale Biofuels Program and its Environmental Consequences ppt(1.1Mb)
Dennis Ojima Biofuels in the USA ppt (4Mb)
N. H. Ravindranath Bioenergy and Land Use Issues in Asia ppt (1.4Mb)
Roberto Schaeffer Energy Systems and How Bioenergy Fits into the Main Energy System ppt (332Kb)
R. Schaldach, J. Alcamo, M. Flörke, D. Lapola Water requirements of bio-fuel expansion ppt (2.1Mb)
Rob Alkemade, Mark van Oorschot, NichelBakkenes, Ben ten Brink, LeraMiles, Jörn Scharlemann Biodiversity impacts of bioenergy production: a modelling approach using GLOBIO pdf (2.3Mb)
Mogodisheng B.M. Sekhwela Woody Biomass Feed Stocks from Drylands: Supply Potential and Sustainable Livelihood ppt (2.9Mb)
Graham von Maltitz Biofuels in Africa - is Africa different? ppt (3.2Mb)
Nicolas Vuichard, Philippe Ciais, Luca Belelli, Riccardo Valentini Growing biofuels over abandoned croplands in the former USSR ppt (1.4Mb)
Weber Amaral Bionergy and biofuels: opportunities for innovation and development - examples from LAC ppt (5.3Mb)
Keith Wiebe Biofuels and Food Security pdf (300Kb)