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Global Nitrous Oxide Budget

Illustrative photos.
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Fertilizing crops Irrigated crops
Fertilizing crops
Photo by Philip Junior | Unsplash
4928 x 3264, jpg 4.5mb)
Irrigated crops
Photo by Ben den Engelsen | Unsplash
(2992 x 3992, jpg 2.0mb)
Crops near lake Cows
Crops near lake
Photo by Rahbek Media | Unsplash
3992 x 2242, jpg 2.2mb)
Photo by Lomig | Unsplash
(4032 x 3024, jpg 2.5mb)
Nylon fibres Tropical forest
Nylon fibres
Photo by Daplaza | Creative Commons Licence
2592 x 1728, jpg 2.3mb)
Tropical forest
Photo by David Peters | Unsplash
(6000 x 4000, jpg 5.1mb)
Wildfire Simplified budget infographic
Photo by Matt Howard | Unsplash
6000 x 3376, jpg 2.1mb)
Simplified Global Nitrous Oxide Budget infographic
Inforgrpahic by Global Carbon Project
(1699 x 1111, png 194kb)