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Global Introductory Syntheses

Global Introductory Syntheses
Lead authors
G1 Fossil fuel emissions

Rob Andres (USA)

G2 Land use change emissions

Skee Houghton (Woods Hole, USA)
Guido van Werf (The Netherlands)

G3 Global atmospheric budget

Kevin Gurney (USA)
Rachel Law (Australia)
Philippe Peylin (France)


Global Oceans Syntheses

Global Introductory Syntheses
Lead authors
O1 Global ocean surface CO2

Taro Takahashi (Columbia University, USA)
Rik Wanninkhof (NOAA, USA)

O2 Global ocean carbon storage

Samar Khatiwala (Columbia University, USA)
Toste Tanhua (Kiel, Germany)


Global Lateral Flux Syntheses

Global Lateral
Lead authors
G4 Rivers fluxes (globe)

Peter Raymond (USA)

G5 Embedded carbon in trade

Glen Peters (Norway)
Steven Davis (USA)


Global Syntheses of Syntheses

All Authors above would contribute to the global syntheses.

Global Syntheses

Lead authors
S1 Comparison of atmospheric & bottom up fluxes (mean decadal) Christopher Pickett-Heaps
Debby Huntzinger
Rick Wanninkhof
Sebastian Luyssaert
S2 Inter-annual variability at regional scale Shilong Piao
Corinne Le Quere
S3 Long term trends Stephen Sitch
Piere Friedlingstein
S4 Attribution to regional processes over the globe Chris Williams
Niki Gruber
S5 Human drivers of Regional C budgets Mike Raupach
Kevin Gurney

Uncertainty of regional carbon budgets

Ian Enting
Peter Rayner
S7 Final recommendations RECCAP Steering Committee