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GCP-WUDAPT Workshop on Global Urban Carbon Mapping

29 June-1 July 2016, Thun, Switzerland
Jointly organized by the GCP, WUDAPT, and Future Earth

The main objective of the workshop is to discuss strategies for creating a platform for gathering quantitative and qualitative data at various urban scales, ranging from individual buildings, to neighborhoods, and municipalities. Special focus will be on mapping carbon emissions.

More Information: Program (pdf, 174kb)

The 2nd International workshop on Air-Sea Gas Fluxes: Progress and Future Prospects

6-9 September 2016, Brest, France
This is a highly interdisciplinary workshop aimed at bringing the multiple communities (e.g. in situ, remote sensing and modelling) studying air-sea exchange and gas fluxes together to present and discuss recent advances, common aims, goals and challenges.

Website: http://www.oceanflux-ghg.org/Workshop/Introduction
Registration: http://www.oceanflux-ghg.org/Workshop/Registration



10th anniversary International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC)

21-25 August 2017, Interlaken, Switzerland
Organized by the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research

The purpose of this conference is to bring together scientists from different disciplines to work towards an integrated view on the global cycle of carbon in the Earth System. Spatial scales considered range from local and regional towards global synthesis, temporal scales from hours to millennia. Periods addressed include the contemporary, industrial, and future, as well as the last millennia, glacial/interglacial, and stadial/interstadial periods.

Website: http://www.oeschger.unibe.ch/services/events/conferences/10th_international_carbon_dioxide_conference/pre_announcement/index_eng.html.
E-Mail: info@oeschger.unibe.ch


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