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Land Use/Cover Change Effects on the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle in the Asia-Pacific Region

  • Science in China (2002) Vol. 45 Supp.
  • Editors: Josep G. Canadell, Guangsheng Zhou, Ian Noble
  • A GCTE, GCP, APN, LUCC, and START collaboration
  • Cover (jpg, 103Kb) Preface (pdf, 21Kb) Table of Contents (pdf, 17Kb)

  1. Land use effects on terrestrial carbon sources and sinks (pdf, 58.5Kb) - Josep G. Canadell
  2. Temporal patterns of land-use change and carbon storage in China and Tropical Asia (pdf, 54.5Kb) - R.A. Houghton
  3. Carbon balance along Northeast China Transect (NECT-IGBP) (pdf, 133Kb) - ZHOU Guangsheng, WANG Yuhui, JIANG Yanling, XU Zhenzhu
  4. Carbon emissions and sinks from agro-ecosystems in China (pdf, 1.45Mb) - Lind Erda, Li Yu’e, Guo Liping
  5. Characterization of changes in land cover and carbon storage in Northeastern China: An analysis based on Landsat TM data (pdf, 87.5Kb) - WANG Shaoqiang, TIAN Hanqin, LIU Jiyuan, ZHUANG Dafang, ZHANG Shuwen, HU Wenyan
  6. Land use change and carbon cycle in arid and semi-arid lands of east and central Asia (pdf, 51.7Kb) - Togtohyn Chuluun, Dennis Ojima
  7. Forest carbon budgets in southeast Asia following harvesting and land cover change (pdf, 67.3) - Rodel D. Lasco
  8. Fire risks in forest carbon projects in Indonesia (pdf, 518Kb) - Daniel Murdiyarso, Makmur Widodo Desi Suyamto
  9. Carbon stock assessment for a forest-to-coffee conversion landscape in Sumber-Jaya (Lampung, Indonesia): from allometric equations to land use change analysis (pdf, 385Kb) - Meine van Noordwijk, Subekti Rahayu, Kurniatun Hairiah, Wulan YC, Farida, Bruno Verbist
  10. Changes in annual CO2 fluxes estimated from inventory data in South Korea (pdf, 286Kb) - Lee Dowon, Yook Keun Hyung, Lee Dongseon, Kang Sinkyu, Kang Hojeong, Lim Jong Hwan, Lee Kyeong Hak
  11. Significance of riverine carbon transport: A case study of a large tropical river, Godavari (India) (pdf, 234Kb) - M.M. Sarin, A.K. Sudheer, K. Balakrishna
  12. Net biome production of managed forests in Japan (pdf, 172Kb) - Alexandrov Georgii, Yamagata Yoshiki.
  13. A large impact of tropical biomass burning on CO and CO2 in the upper troposphere (pdf, 186Kb) - Hidekazu Matsueda, Shoichi Taguchi, Hisayuki Y. Inoue, Masao Ishii
  14. The consequences of uncertainties in land use, climate and vegetation responses on the terrestrial carbon (pdf, 212Kb) - Rik Leemans, Bas Eickhout, Bart Strengers, Lex Bouwman, Michiel Schaeffer