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North American Carbon Program (NACP) Open Science Meeting

23-26 March 2020, McLean, VA, USA

The overall theme of the 2020 NACP Open Science meeting is "The Future is Here: North American carbon cycle science for a changed climate". The meeting will be organized around highly interdisciplinary science sessions including stakeholder engagement, carbon-climate feedbacks, new instrumentation and the carbon cycle modeling these advances enable, carbon and the economy, and spatial and temporal hotspots for natural carbon cycling. Keynote panels at the conference will cover a number of special topics at the interface between carbon science, social science, and carbon management policies. These include providing usable climate and carbon information, alternative carbon futures, policies and practices at the municipal level to mitigate carbon and address climate challenges, and youth and student perspectives on carbon-climate science needs.

Meeting Flyer.

Website: https://www.nacarbon.org/meeting_2020/index.html.


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