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8th International symposium on non-CO2 greenhouse gases (NCGG8)

12-14 June 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Organized by VVM.

Non-CO2 greenhouse gases include many substances, such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), fluorocarbons (CFCs, HFCs, SF6, etc), black carbon, aerosols, and tropospheric ozone (O3). These contribute significantly to climate forcing. Reducing non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions is often more cost-effective than reducing CO2 emissions.

The scope of NCGG8 will be global challenges, and local solutions. The NCGG conferences pay attention to:

  • sources, sinks, and atmospheric processes of non-CO2 greenhouse gases;
  • mitigation options and emission reduction technologies and practices;
  • policies and measures, both in the public and private sectors; and
  • the science-policy-industry interface

We will invite submission of papers with respect to four themes, covering causes, effects and solutions of the environmental problems associated with non-CO2 greenhouse gases. These papers may report on science (from natural, social, technological or integrated sciences) and policy.

Website: https://www.ncgg.info.
E-Mail: office@ncgg.info.

Urban Data Workshop

26-28 June 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Organized Global Carbon Project and Sustainable Healthy Cities.

The objective of this workshop is to assemble a core group of researchers and datasets that will contribute to developing a global dataset on urban area energy use in ways that add up and align with national totals. We call this method a Bot-Top approach because it combines as much bottom-up available data with top-down estimates. The method builds upon prior work that tested the methodology in China and is presently being tested in India and the USA. We want to expand from these three countries to include additional countries in Asia [e.g., Japan, Thailand, etc.], EU, Australia, and Africa [e.g., Kenya, South Africa, etc.].

Draft Agenda.

TERENO-NEON Carbon Workshop

13-20 July 2019, Düren, Germany

This 2019 Carbon summer workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to use 'big data' from the Terrestrial Environmental Observatories (TERENO), National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) and Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) large networks of observatories while discussing an understanding of atmospheric, ecosystem, and below ground carbon processes, and the associated means to estimate CO2 and its role in the climate system. This Carbon summer workshop will also help develop the skills to access and use data in practice from a diversity of sources, including different networks. We will have a strong practical component that focuses on the data use. Both the scientific understanding and the data use will be brought together in group exercises.

Website: https://mgenazzio.wixsite.com/carbonworkshop2019.


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