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GEO Carbon Strategy

Recognizing the growing need for improved Earth observations, over 130 governments and leading international organizations are collaborating through the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) to establish a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) by the year 2015. The GEO Carbon Community of Practice, made up of scientists, research and operational agencies, and practitioners, is developing a plan for implementing an Integrated Global Carbon Observation System. The document "GEO Carbon Strategy" (June 2010) outlines the vision, progress made to date, and additional needs towards the establishment of such a system.

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Executive Summary
1. Human perturbation of the carbon cycle: the current state
2. Rationale for an Integrated Global Carbon Observing System
3. Vision and Elements of IGCO
4. Towards an Integrated Global Carbon Observing System
5. Future Requirements
6. Data Management and Processing
7. Integration: Bringing the Whole System Together
8. Implementation timetable for IGCO
9. Bibliography
10. Important acronyms

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