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Tropical Forests and Climate Policy

A tropical forests and climate policy study in the journal Science highlights the importance of slowing deforestation in tropical countries in the global effort to avert dangerous climate change.

Gullison RE, Frumhoff PC, Canadell JG, Field CB, Nepstad DC, Hayhoe K, Avissar R, Curran LM, Friedlingstein, Jones CD, Nobre C (2007) Tropical forests and climate change. Science 316: 985-986.

Analyses and Figures:

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Photos of Deforestation (available free if credited as specified)
Boehm Kalimantan 1
Boehm Kalimantan 1 (355 kb)
Page Kalimantan 2
Page Kalimantan 2 (523 kb)
Sorensen Sumatra 2
Sorensen Sumatra 2 (533 kb)
Sorensen Sumatra 3
Sorensen Sumatra 3 (1.28 Mb)

Sorensen Sumatra 1 (300 kb)
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Selected Press Reports
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