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e-NEWS February 2008

Upcoming Meetings

Urban Energy and Carbon Management: Challenges for Science and Policy
4-6 February, 2008, AIT Centre, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani, Thailand
To develope a comprehensive urban model that can assess alternate urban development pathways and urban practices in an integrated manner with urban energy and carbon as key (but not exclusive) drivers.
Contact: Shobhakar Dhakal
Background paper (pdf, 52Kb)
Illuminating Ocean Ocosystems: Developments in Bio-optics for Observing the Ocean Carbon Cycle
19th February 2008, Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, Plymouth, UK

Contact: Julia Crocker

Vulnerability and Opportunity of Methane Hydrates
13-14 March 2008, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Methane hydrates are an energy source of potentially staggering magnitude compared with other known hydrocarbon deposits. Both global warming and the decision to extract them (if it becomes economically feasible) could open a large new source of carbon to the atmosphere over the next century with its associated impacts to climate change. The workshop will explore the risks of large methane releases and energy opportunities/mitigation over this century based on present trends in global warming, technological development, and energy economics.

Contact: Nebojsa Nakicenovic and Pep Canadell
Scoping paper (pdf, 133Kb), Agenda (pdf, 46 kb), Participants list (pdf, 32 kb)

European GeoSciences Union (EGU) General Assembly
13-18 April 2008, Vienna, Austria

Multiple session on ocean carbon, land and atmosphere carbon, fluxnet, fires, petlands, others

Conference website: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2008/
Call for CarboSchools teachers to contribute to workshop on carbon cycle
14-16 April 2008, Vienna, Austria
70 secondary school science teachers from all over Europe and beyond will attend a "GIFT workshop" on the carbon cycle, organised by the EGU educational committee with support and cooperation from CarboSchools.

Workshop website: www.carboschools.org

Contact: Philippe Saugierand
Integrated Study of Terrestrial and Coastal Carbon Fluxes and Exchanges in the Gulf of Mexico
6-8 May, 2008, St.Petersburg, Florida, USA
The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers to discuss potential integrated research projects relating to carbon fluxes and exchange in the Gulf of Mexico that support the OCB mission.
Workshop website: http://www.whoi.edu/sbl/liteSite.do?litesiteid=23613
Contact: Mary Zawoysky
Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans
19- 23 May, 2008, Gijon, Spain
The Symposium will focus on the major issues of climate change that affect the oceans: oceanic circulation, climate modelling, cycling of carbon and other elements, acidification, oligotrophy, changes in species distributions and migratory routes, sea-level rise, coastal erosion, etc. There is a session on "Marine carbon cycling and other biogeochemical cycles"
Contact: Corinne Le Quere and Jorge Sarmiento
Atmospheric Tracer Transport Model Intercomparison Project (Transcom)
2- 5 June, 2008, The Netherlands
Contact:Maarten Krol
13th International Peat Congress - Specialised Sessions on Tropical Peat
8-14 June 2008, Tullamore, Ireland

Every four years, through its Congress, the International Peat Society provides an opportunity for peatland and peat scientists and practitioners to share knowledge and experience with the wider peatland family.

Conference web: http://www.ipcireland2008.com
GLOBCARBON User Workshop
tba, June/July 2008, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
Contact: Stephen Plummer
Bioenergy and the Earth System Sustainability
17-19 July 2008, Piracicaba, Brazil

A workshop of the Earth System Scince Partnership (Diversitas, IGBP, IHDP, WCRP) with the local support of the Brazilian Forum on
To identify the major opportunities and constraint for bioenergy in the context of earth system sustainability: (i) To identify an ESSP research portfolio to assist moving towards sustainable bioenergy pathways; (ii) To design a set of analyses to feed into research syntheses leading to major publication/s.

Contact: Pep Canadell, Jean Ometto
Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Summer Workshop
21-24 July, 2008, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts, USA
Website: http://www.us-ocb.org
8th Scientific Steering Committee meeting of the Global Carbon Project
23-25 July 2008, Manaus, Brazil

Contact: Pep Canadell, Shobhakar Dhakal

CarboSur Symposium in the LBA Conference
27-29 July 2008, Manaus, Brazil
The purpose of the meeting is to bring together scientists working on the carbon-climate-human system (including land, oceans, and atmosphere) of South America to explore the establishment of a CarboSur network to support and further promote research on the topic. Presentations are invited from all carbon topics on South America.
Contact: Antonio Nobre, Pep Canadell
Linking Carbon Storage in Terrestrial Ecosystems with other Climate Forcing Agents
9-11 September 2008, Santa Barbara, California

Linking carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems with other climate forcing agents: A synthesis allowing for effective carbon dioxide stabilization policies

Scoping Paper (pdf, 35Kb)
Contact: Jim Randerson
The Ocean in a High CO2 World-II
6 - 8 October 2008, Monaco

The purpose of the meeting is to provide an interdisciplinary forum to assess what is known about ocean acidification and priorities for future research.  The symposium will include both invited and contributed presentations.

Website: http://www.confmanager.com/main.cfm?cid=975


Further information on Meetings http://www.globalcarbonproject.org/meetings



Update to 2006 of the Global Carbon Budget and Emission Drivers

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Raupach MR, G. Marland, P. Ciais, C. LeQuere, J.G. Canadell, C.B. Field (2007) Global and regional drivers of accelerating CO2 emissions (pdf, 649Kb) PNAS Early edition, doi:10.1073/pnas.0700609104
For futher information visit: http://www.globalcarbonproject.org/carbontrends
The North America Carbon Budget

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Carbon Reductions and Offsets
Special Issue
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Guide to Best Practices for Ocean CO2 Measurements
Ocean CO2 Meas.

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Options for Including Agriculture and Forestry Activities in a Post-2012 International Climate Agreement

Special Issue

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Link to Journal Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/14629011


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