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Theme 1: Patterns and Variability

This theme explores the current geographical and temporal distributions of the major pools and fluxes in the global carbon cycle. It seeks to promote greater model-data fusion and increased harmonisation of regional and sectoral carbon budgets to ensure comparability amongst regions.

State of the carbon cycle: An annual update of the global carbon budget

The Global Carbon Project will update annually the global carbon budget around July-August of each year when data from the various budget components is available: [link to budget].

Global Carbon Model-Data Fusion and Regional C budgets

The development of dynamic global and regional carbon budgets is a large field of research that the GCP is contributing. The emphasis is in the development of approaches that use multiple independent observations (both in situ and remotely sensed) to constraint models, otherwise called “Multiple Constraints Carbon Model-Data Fusion”. In addition, there is a great opportunity for many of the regional and national carbon cycle programs to complement and strengthen one another by establishing common protocols, sharing data, promoting rapid transfer of information on new applications and techniques, and leveraging resources in joint projects.

Atmospheric Tracer Transport Intercomparison Project (TransCom)

The objective of which is to quantify and diagnose the uncertainty in inversion calculations of the global carbon budget that result from errors in simulated atmospheric transport, the choice of measured atmospheric carbon dioxide data used, and the inversion methodology employed.

Integrated Global Carbon Observations (IGCO)

The objective of IGCO (of the Integrated Global Observation Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P)), in coordination with the GCP, is to develop a flexible and robust strategy for international global carbon observations over the next decade.

International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP)

The IOCCP undertakes specific tasks (as listed in Specific Terms of Reference) and provide ready expertise on ocean carbon observations and research, including ocean carbon sequestration issues, as required by SCOR, IOC, their programs (e.g., IMBER, SOLAS, OOPC, GOOS, GCOS, and JCOMM) and their Member States

Southeast Asia Regional Carbon Projects

Call for proposals 2007

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