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Aim for zero net carbon emissions

We use carbon neutral as shorthand for zero net impact on radiative climate forcing.

GCP logo The GCP has launched a “zero net carbon emissions” initiative by which all its activities will be carbon neutral. It has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2008.

Global Carbon Project: case study

The steps involved were:
(i) Identify boundaries for emission responsibility to set a baseline for reporting
(ii) identify opportunities for reductions and implementing them
(iii) choose a methodology to determine the resulting emissions
(iv) select verified offsets to neutralize an agreed amount of emissions.

It was estimated that in 2006 the GCP was responsible for a total of 361.9 tonnes of CO2-equivalents; 40.8 tCO2-e in building energy use and 321.1 tCO2-e in travel. This amount has been partitioned into core activities (130.3 tCO2-e), hosted workshops (227.4 tCO2-e) and endorsed workshops (4.2 tCO2-e). Travel accounted for 89 per cent of all GCP emissions.

The process was reviewed to inform GCP procedures to integrate carbon neutral practices into future proposals and budgets.

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