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Research Agendas

Integrated Carbon Observation System - ICOS (2008) (pdf, 2Mb)

Australian Blueprint for terrestrial carbon cycle research (2005) (pdf, 1.5Mb)

CarboEurope Integrated Project (2004-2008) (pdf, 1171Kb) (2004)

Assimilation of remote sensing data to monitor the terrestrial carbon cycle: the carbon observation of geoland (pdf, 88Kb) (2004) Jean-Christophe Calvet et al.
Intergrated Global Carbon Observation Theme: (doc, 446Kb) A Strategy to Realize a Coordinated System of Integrated Global Carbon Cycle Observations (2004). Philippe Ciais et al.
Global Carbon Project (pdf, 2.17Mb) (2003) Science framework and implementation. Canadell JG, Dickinson R, Hibbard K, Raupach M, Young O (eds.) Earth Systems Science Partnership Report No. 1; GCP Report No. 1. 69pp, Canberra.
US-Strategic Plan for Climate Change Science Program. (pdf, 1.66Mb) (2003) Chapter 7. The Carbon cycle.
US-DOE Carbon sequestration. Technology roadmap and program plan. (pdf, 648Kb) (2003)


An Intergrated Carbon Cycle ResearchPlan for the Ocean Sciences. (pdf, 111Kb) (OMELET) (USF). (Draft 2002).
A Large-Scale CO2 Observing Plan: In Situ Oceans and Atmosphere (LSCOP). (pdf, 15.1Mb) A contribution to the implementation of the US Carbon Cycle Science Plan (2002). Authors: Observation Working Group.
Ecological Determinants of Oceanic Carbon Cycling (EDOCC). (pdf, 183Kb) A framework for Research (2002). Further information: http://picasso.oce.orst.edu/ORSOO/EDOCC/
Australia CSIRO Biosphere Working Group Science Plan (doc, 188Kb) (2002).
CSIRO Biosphere Working Group. Author: Michael Raupach
The North American Carbon Program (pdf, 1.13Mb) (2002).
A report of the NACP Committee of the US Interagency Carbon Cycle Science Program. Authors: Steven C. Wofsy and Robert C. Harriss (co-chairs).
North American Carbon Plan (NACP) - Implementation Plan (pdf, 808Kb) (2002)


A Global Ocean Carbon Observation System: A Background Report. (doc, 947Kb) Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. GOOS Report No. 118, UNESCO (2002).
WCRP-Carbon activities. (doc, 90.5Kb) (2001) David Carson 
IHDP-Carbon activities (pdf, 181Kb) (2001). Joyeeta Gupta, Louis Lebel, Pier Vellinga, Oran Young and the IHDP Secretariat
IGBP-Carbon activities. (doc, 89Kb) (2001) Hibbard K
Joint IGBP EU-US Meeting on the Ocean Component of An Intergrated Carbon Cycle Science Framework (2001). (pdf, 1.41Mb)
JGOFS Report No.33.
Study on Carbon Budget in Terrestrial and Marginal Sea Ecosystems of China (CBTSEC) (ppt, 1.74Mb)
Author: Yu Guirui, Wang Shaoqiang


IHDP Global Carbon Cycle Research: International Carbon Research Framework (pdf, 181Kb) (2001)
Authors: Joyeeta Gupta, Louis Lebel, Pier Vellinga, Oran Young and the IHDP Secretariat
Canada - BIOCAP (2000)
Global Terrestrial Carbon Observation: Requirements, Present Status, and Next Steps. (pdf, 1.01Mb) (2000)
Report of a Synthesis Workshop. Authors: F. Ahern, et al. Centre Manager
Prognostic Ocean Carbon-Cycle Modeling (pdf, 33.1Kb) (2000).
A working document in preparation for an international global carbon-cycle science research plan. Chair: Ken Calderia

A US Carbon Cycle Science Plan (pdf, 1.55Mb) (1999).
A report of the Carbon and Climate Working Group (1999). Authors: Jorge L. Sarmiento and Steven C. Wofsy (co-chairs).


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