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Scientific Committee and Sponsorship

Scientific Committee

Ana Bastos ana[dot]bastos[at]bgc-jena[dot]mpg[dot]de
Ben Poulter benjamin.poulter@nasa.gov
Pep Canadell Pep.Canadell@csiro.au
Philippe Ciais philippe.ciais@lsce.ipsl.fr
Prabir Patra prabir@jamstec.go.jp
Rob Jackson rob.jackson@stanford.edu
Hanqin Tian tianhan@auburn.edu
Judith Hauck judith.hauck@awi.de
Niki Gruber nicolas.gruber@env.ethz.ch
Masao Ishii mishii@mri-jma.go.jp


RECCAP2 is an activity of the Global Carbon Project with a number of organization partners.

  • The European Space Agency is supporting the compilation and generation of global products in support of the land regional budgets.
  • The International Carbon Coordination Project
  • EU-project VERIFY
  • EU-project 4C