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Global datasets supporting RECCAP2 are stored and available from the data repository.

For data queries, contact Ana Bastos at ana[dot]bastos[at]bgc-jena[dot]mpg[dot]de.

Data Sharing and Authorship Guidelines

Drafted August 25, 2020
Updated October 9, 2020

Ben Poulter, Ana Bastos, Pep Canadell, Philippe Ciais, Prabir Patra, Rob Jackson, Marielle Saunois, Judith Hauck, Niki Gruber, Hanqin Tian

The data sharing and authorship guidelines for RECCAP-2 are similar to RECCAP-1, and are updated to include a ‘teams’ approach to incorporate what is expected to be longer lists of authors due to new and more diverse datasets required for CO2, CH4 and N2O accounting.

The data policy aims to reflect international science guidelines for maintaining credibility of scientific products by i) giving appropriate credit to writing and analysis teams, and data providers, ii) avoiding unnecessarily long authorship lists, iii) promoting diversity, and iv) respecting multiple data-sharing agreements that address co-authorship and data distribution.

Data Sharing Agreement
See the list of datasets proposed to be used in RECCAP-2, including contact information.

These datasets will be archived in a password protected RECCAP-2 centralized data repository to help facilitate data distribution to the regional group. This repository is not intended to replace more formal and long-term data distribution options (e.g., DAACs) - rather the repository will last the lifetime of RECCAP-2 and help provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for data downloads. The link and registration information will be made available when ready and provided on an individual basis.

The RECCAP-2 project will follow the data sharing guidelines determined by the Principal Investigator responsible for each contributed dataset. For example, if data are provided only for RECCAP-2, the data will not be used for other studies or redistributed without PI’s consent.

Co-Authorship Agreement
The named authors for each chapter will be composed of one lead (or 2-3 co-leads), a series of co-authors responsible for core writing and analyses (e.g., 10-15 people), and one person who is representative of each data collection. Following the named authors will be the ‘RECCAP-2’ team author, that will be composed of an extensive list of data contributors. The data collections include the TRENDY-MIP, Nitrogen-MIP (NMIP), GCP-wetland methane model ensemble, the three greenhouse gas inversion activities, for example. The individual contributor to each data collection will have the option to join 1 (or 2) chapters as a named co-author (rather than as the ‘RECCAP-2’ team author) where they will be expected to play a role in the analysis and writing, in addition to providing the dataset. The RECCAP-2 steering committee will help facilitate matching data contributors with lead authors and vice-versa to ensure that representation and co-authorship is balanced across the land, ocean, and synergistic chapters. Each chapter will be associated with an explicit statement describing the co-authors' contributions.

Conflict Resolution
Any conflicts or concerns can be brought to a member of the RECCAP-2 land and ocean steering committee for discussion and resolution.