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August 2007

Draft of mandate and scope

April 2008

“Sign-in” on synthesis scope ; regional programs are contacted and will provide  a quick feedback to Pep on the initiative + help to identify a list of key persons (= regional representatives, on the order of up to 3 persons per region responsible for representing their science communities).

May 2008

Synthesis framework (list of questions to be addressed) and time window (spatial & temporal resolution)

September 2009 (ICDC8)

Information and consultation session at the ICDC8 in Jena, Germany

November 2009

Invitations to lead authors
Detailed soft protocol for the production of regional chapters.

May 2010

Global datasets and model runs available to the regional groups:

  • Ocean inversions: Niki Grubber
  • Ocean biogeochemical models: Corinne Lequere
  • Atmospheric inversions: Kevin Gurney, Philippe Peylin, Rachael Law
  • Terrestrial biogeochemical models: Stephen Stitch
  • Fire emissions: Guido van Werf

October 2010

First RECCAP workshop to review progress towards the regional full carbon balances. 6-8 October 2009, Viterbo, Italy.

December 2010-January 2011

Regional synthesis are submitted for review

January-March 2011

Internal review of the chapters & model results output is collected.

March-June  2011

Hold 2nd Workshop: Final Synthesis meeting over 4 full days to draft the Global synthesis papers. Revised regional papers are submitted.

March to December 2011

Finalizing syntheses of syntheses papers, reviewing, submissions, publication


1st RECCAP meeting (with COCOS):
Viterbo, Italy
6-8 October 2010,
Scope: Progress towards regional synthesis, methodological and data issues
All lead authors and other contributing authors.
Contact: Antonio Bombelli

Final RECCAP meeting:
March-June 2011
Probable in the US
Scope: Syntheses of syntheses
All lead authors and other contributing authors

Steering Scientific Committee

Philippe Ciais, Chair (France), Pep Canadell (Australia), Han Dolman (The Netherlands), Kevin Gurney (USA), Niki Gruber (Switzerland), Corinne Le Quere (UK), Mac Post (USA), Mike Raupach (Australia), Chris Sabine (USA), Piao Shilong (China), Stephen Stitch (UK), Ming Xu (China).

Feedback and Getting Involved

For further information, feedback on RECCAP and interest in getting involved please contact: Pep Canadell <pep.canadell@csiro.au>