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Carbon Budget presentations and data files for previous years.

The year listed is the release year, the underlying data is up to and including the previous year.
For example, files for 2010 (the release year) will show data up to 2009.

Year Data Presentation Media Impact
2022 ICOS archive (website) PowerPoint (17.1MB); PDF (4.4MB) Global Carbon budget Office, UK (pdf, 110kB), in French, pdf, 664kB), in German, pdf, 123kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 468kB); NIES, Japan (in Japanese, pdf, 931kB)
2021 ICOS archive (website) PowerPoint (12.9MB); PDF (8.9MB) UEA and University of Exeter, UK (pdf, 123kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 480kB, in Norwegian, pdf, 497kB); Stanford University, USA (pdf, 393kB); AWI, Germany (in German, pdf, 146kB); NIES, Japan (in Japanese, pdf, 397kB); The Conversation (website, in Spanish, in French); ETH Zurich (website); Carbon Brief (website); Scientific American (website)
2020 ICOS archive (website) PowerPoint (12.7MB); PDF (7.3MB) UEA and University of Exeter, UK (pdf, 85kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 168kB); LSCE, France (in French, pdf, 412kB); Future Earth (pdf, 113kB); NIES, Japan (pdf, 2.2MB, in Japanese, pdf, 760kB); LMU, Germany (pdf, 166kB, in German, pdf, 178kB); Appalachian State University, USA (pdf, 76kB); UIUC, USA (pdf, 292kB); The Conversation (website); NIES, Japan, media briefing (in Japanese), 11 December Media Analysis (pdf, 3.1MB)
2019 ICOS archive (website) PowerPoint (11.9MB); PDF (7.2MB) UEA, UK (pdf, 432kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 149kB); CSIRO, Australia (pdf, 122kB); LMU, Germany (in German, pdf, 180kB); NIES, Japan (pdf, 304kB, in Japanese, pdf, 680kB); LSCE, France (in French, pdf, 574kB); Stanford University, USA (website); Future Earth (website) Media Coverage Report (pdf, 507kB)
2018 ICOS archive (website) PowerPoint (11.5MB); PDF (7.0MB) UEA, UK (pdf, 375kB); Nature, UK (pdf, 657kB); BNP Paribas, France (pdf, 264kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 511kB); Stanford University, USA (website) Outreach Summary (pdf, 297kB)
2017 ICOS archive (website) PowerPoint (9.3MB); PowerPoint (wide, 9.3MB); PDF (10.4MB); PDF (with eps images, 4.8MB); PDF (wide, 5.5MB) Future Earth, International (pdf, 199kB); UEA, UK (pdf, 187kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 600kB); Stanford University, USA (website); CSIR, South Africa (website); The Conversation (website); Positive Feedback (podcast) Coverage And Outreach (pdf, 3.2MB)
2016 Global (Excel 124kB) National (Excel 2.8MB) PPTX (7.4MB); PDF (5.7MB) UEA, UK (pdf, 610kB); UEA, UK (in Chinese, pdf, 314kB); MCC, Gernamy (pdf, 404kB); MCC, Germany (in German, pdf, 455kB); CSIRO, Australia (pdf, 343kB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 361kB); The Conversation (website)
2015 Global (Excel 124kB) National (Excel 2.8MB) PPTX (11.4MB); PDF (6.7MB) UEA, UK (pdf, 478kB); UEA, UK (in Mandarin, pdf, 458kB); SU, USA (pdf, 224kB); CSIRO, Australia (pdf, 1.2MB); CICERO, Norway (pdf, 74kB); CICERO, Norway (Neg. Emissions, pdf, 51kB); UoA, UK (pdf, 79kB); NIES, Japan (in Japanese, pdf, 404kB); BNPParibas, France (in French, pdf, 480kB); AWI, Germany (pdf, 378kB); AWI, Germany (in German, pdf, 394kB); AgroParisTech, France (in French, doc, 60kB)
2014 Excel (503kB) PPTX (13.5MB); PPTX (low res, 7.4MB); PDF (low res, 4.9MB) ANU (pdf 129kB); CSIRO (pdf 96kB); IIASA (pdf 125kB); MCC (pdf 284kB); CICERO (pdf 269kB); CICERO (in Norwegian pdf 369kB); UEA (pdf 178kB); UEA (in Mandarin pdf 216kB)
2013 Excel (496kB) PDF (2.5MB); PPT (high res, 10MB); PPT (low res, 6.7MB) CICERO (pdf 216kB); CICERO (in Norwegian pdf 510kB); CSIRO (pdf 94kB); UB (in German pdf 88kB); UEA (pdf 160kB)
2012 Excel (275kB) PDF (3.1MB); PPT (high res, 10MB); PPT (low res, 6.3MB) ASU (pdf 17kB); CICERO (pdf 200kB); CSIRO (pdf 65kB); LSCE (in French pdf 40kB); MPIB (in German pdf 88kB); UEA (pdf 74kB);
Podcast (mp3 9.4MB)
PDF (110kB)
2011 Excel (26kB) PDF (1.6MB); PPT (4.4MB) ASU (pdf 32kB); CICERO (pdf 150kB); CICERO (in Norwegian pdf 86kB); CSIRO (pdf 16kB); NIES (in Japanese pdf 186kB); Tyndall (in Chinese pdf 276kB); UEA (pdf 35kB) MediaClips All (pdf 48MB); Part 1 (pdf 8.5MB); Part 2 (pdf 9.4MB); Part 3 (pdf 6.7MB); Part 4 (pdf 7.6MB); Part 5 (pdf 8.9MB); Part 6 (pdf 7.1MB)
2010 Excel (24kB) PDF (1.1MB); PPT (7.8MB) CSIRO (pdf 17kB); UofE (pdf 16kB); NIES (pdf 115kB); NIES (in Japanese pdf 137kB);
Podcast (mp3 6.5MB)
MediaClips Part 1 (pdf 7.4MB); Part 2 (pdf 7.7MB); Part 3 (pdf 9.2MB); Part 4 (pdf 7.3MB)
2009 Excel (41kB) PDF (2.4MB); PPT (12.8MB) CEA, CNRS, UVSQ (in French pdf 504kB); CICERO (in Norwegian pdf 62kB); CSIRO (pdf 24kB); CSIRO (in Chinese pdf 24kB); Nature Geoscience (pdf 8kB); NIES (pdf 137Kb); NIES (in Japanese pdf 137Kb); NOAA (pdf 63kB); Purdue (pdf 92kB); UofB (pdf 15kB); UEA (pdf 105kB);
Podcast (mp3 6.2MB)
MediaClips Asia (pdf 5MB); Australia & NZ (pdf 8MB); Europe & Russia part 1 (pdf 8.6MB); Europe & Russia part 2 (pdf 8.3b); North America (pdf 7.5MB); Spain & Portugal (pdf 5.5MB)
2008 Excel (31kB) PDF (2.1MB); PPT (2.1MB) CSIRO (pdf 36kB); BAS (pdf 33kB); GCP (pdf 76kB); ORNL (pdf 38kB)  
2007 Excel (42kB) PDF (8.5MB); PPT (14.4MB)